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Jennifer Mak classic collection is a line of luxury exotic skins handbags made from the finest python, ostrich, lizard, stingray and crocodile among others for day and night wear.


The brand is constantly exploring new materials to fulfill the designer’s vision of what the modern women wants, including uniquely-treated leather and synthetic materials so stay tuned.

Luxury skins
About Our Leather
Sketches by Jennifer Mak


Jennifer draws her inspiration from the intense colors of nature including corals and deep-sea creatures.  The natural beauty of exotic skins particularly the unique textures of each type of skin also inspires her in her designs.

After the successful launch of the Art Clutch collection, Jennifer is searching for more ways to marry the fashion and art world one wearable at a time.


Each Jennifer Mak handbag is handcrafted by seasoned craftsmen in Hong Kong; and is in complete compliance of CITES protocols worldwide.  Apart from using the highest quality skins, Jennifer Mak brand signatures also include the use of Swarovski crystal as clutch clasp, braided leather and exposed stitching to further showcase the craftsmanship of each piece.

Skiving ostrich skin
Final touch by Jennifer Mak before shipping to a happy consumer.


With an MBA from Columbia Business School along with the experience of working at Loro Piana and Hermès, Jennifer subscribes to an uncompromising commitment to quality in creating classic must-have pieces for the modern woman. The brand is committed to carry this pledge of quality in all of its new categories of products going forward.

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